EarthLED sells advanced LED lighting and fixtures online.

Solution: EarthLED runs Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping using the Commerce Central Google Shopping app. The app automates all ad campaign management, generating superior returns on Google Shopping with less work.

Result: EarthLED achieves an overall return on investment of 162% over six months with Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping with the Commerce Central Google Shopping app.

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How EarthLED achieved breakthrough results on Google Shopping

EarthLED is an online distributor, reseller and wholesaler of advanced LED lighting and fixtures since 2007. Managing director Mark Costigliola signed up with Commerce Central to manage EarthLED’s online marketing in 2010. EarthLED has been running Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping since February 2012.

“Our return on investment is through the roof. I’m a big fan of this new Google Shopping App and know that other ecommerce merchants would benefit from it like we do.” – Mark Costigliola

Marketing History

EarthLED’s success with Google Shopping is the latest in a succession of marketing initiatives with Google. In 2010, EarthLED began using the Commerce Central Search Engine Marketing app to manage Google Adwords. Commerce Central’s technology helped EarthLED manage their online marketing easily and successfully. The high financial return EarthLED achieved with their Commerce Central pay-per-click advertising campaign led Mark to increase their online marketing budget and expand into additional marketing channels.

EarthLED’s addition of Google Shopping Product Listing Ads in February 2012 through Commerce Central rounds out their marketing lineup, which also includes Google Product Search and Google AdWords.

Google’s Shift to a Bidding Model

Historically, Google provided shopping listings to merchants who uploaded their product catalog via Google Product Search. In this approach, the products chosen for display were determined solely by algorithms rather than through merchant control. With the new bidding model, merchants are firmly in control because they choose how much to spend and how high to bid for clicks.

Benefits of Commerce Central’s Google Shopping App

Mark generates superior returns with less effort using the Commerce Central Google Shopping app. Commerce Central is the only offering with both search engine marketing (SEM) and comparison shopping feed experience, a key differentiator as Google’s new bidding program is a blend of the two. With the Commerce Central Google Shopping app, Mark receives four major benefits:

  • Product catalog data is cleaned and normalized, removing product listings that don’t meet Google’s requirements
  • Data is uploaded to Google four times a day, so the products being advertised are always in stock
  • Bidding is automated so Mark does not need to go into Google’s AdWords product and tweak his bids each day
  • Mark’s advertising budget is directed to products that are generating revenue as opposed to just clicks

EarthLED’s Google Shopping Results

Over six months of running Product Listing Ads with Google Shopping, EarthLED has seen strong positive returns in revenue for the ad spend invested, with an overall return on investment of over 160%. Even better, since starting with Product Listing Ads, EarthLED has seen increasing returns over time, with return on investment for July 2012 reaching a new high at 430%.


Commerce Central has found that Google’s new model gives merchants more control over the amount of traffic they receive and which products are being promoted. Commerce Central has multiple examples of merchants who are generating significantly more in revenue and ROI from Google’s new model than from its previous Google Product Search. “We view this as a win-win for SMB merchants”, says Amit Kumar, CEO of Commerce Central.