Retargeting Recover lost customers by retargeting them elsewhere.

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Automated bid optimization

No need to manually adjust your bids. Commerce Central’s intelligent algorithms automatically manage your bids 24/7 so you won’t waste a cent. Based on a variety of factors including your store size, budget, current ad spend, spending history, and more, we automatically optimize your keyword bidding so you get the most bang for your buck.

Automated ad placement optimization

We display your ads across major ad networks via our integration with ad exchanges. Our ability to reach hundreds of millions of unique visitors per day ensures that your ads reach your customers no matter where they go on the internet. Our technology tracks ad performance over time for you and constantly adjusts your ad placements to maximize your sales.

Intelligent frequency capping

Based on your store size, budget, and traffic, our system intelligently manages frequency capping to optimally display your ads to your customers for maximum sales.

Smart recommendations to maximize sales

Commerce Central constantly works to optimize your bids within your budget limits. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention to when you might have an opportunity for expansion. If our system detects an opportunity for you to further increase your sales and determines the timing is right for you to expand the scope of your campaigns, we’ll let you know that we think you could be doing better at the moment by taking your campaigns to the next level.