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Q. What is Live Sales?

A - With Live Sales, you can initiate a chat with a customer in order to help them purchase an item. The best use of Live Sales to go into Live Insights and find if there is a customer lingering on a certain product. If they are, most likely they are on the fence about buying or are looking for more information on it. You can initiate the chat and most likely make a sale out of it!

Q. Can I try Live Sales before subscribing to it?

A - Yes. We offer 5 free chats per day to everyone as a way to test out Live Sales . All you have to do is click on a customer that is currently viewing your site in Live Insights. They will be on the left hand side in the WHITE rectangle tabs.

Q. Few times I see an error saying “Messages cannot be delivered”. Why?

A - When a chat cannot be delivered, it could be due reasons such as visitor is using javascript blocker, multiple chats are happening at once, visitor is changing pages while the invitation is being sent, or connection issues on either end. Please keep in mind that some of these issues are beyond our control and we highly suggest that you close the chat with them and try to initiate a new one again.

Q. Can customer initiate chat?

A - No. With Live Sales, only you can initiate the chat with the customers. They are unable to initiate chats with you. Live Sales is more focused on being a sales tool for you to use it with our Web Insights app. You are able to see what your visitors are viewing, giving you an advantage of seeing what they're looking at before making contact and giving them your sales pitch. Having a chat button available on your website is a more support focused tool.