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  • Customers who chat with an operator using Olark spend 40% more on average, and are 3 times as likely to come back and buy again.

  • Use any IM or chat client that supports Jabber or Google Talk.

  • Our customizable chat box stays on your page so that visitors can easily chat and continue activity on your site (like buying more product!)

oLark Live Chat makes it easy to increase your sales using the power of live chat. You can view the cart contents for each visitor and offer upsells and special offers based on what they’re buying. Real-time chat and monitoring of your website visitors through Google Talk and Jabber.

App Features:


All the action inside your IM client

See all the activity on your site at once in real-time and proactively chat with your visitors. If you already have an IM client (even a mobile one on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry), you're ready to use Olark. Live inside Gmail? You can carry on live chats without leaving the site! Any chat client that supports Jabber/XMPP or Gtalk is perfect for chatting with visitors on your site (like iChat, Adium, Pidgin,, GTalk, etc)!

Beautiful visitor experience

Our customizable chat box stays on your page so that visitors can easily chat and continue activity on your site (like buying more product!). The chat box is customizable with different themes, colors, and multiple language strings. To see the options, login to the demo account with username: olarkdemo and password: olarkdemo.


Simple installation

An easy copy & paste is all it takes! Our fully asynchronous JavaScript (that's fancy talk for it won't slow down loading of content on your page or stall your page should anything happen with our servers) installs easily onto each page of your site. We even have tutorials to guide you through installation on most popular platforms.

Perfect for teams

No live chat system is more effective for teams, especially if team members are often multi-tasking. Team members (operators) can be logged into different chat clients from multiple locations at once, even on the go. Chats are distributed among operators by either first response or round-robin. They can be routed to different groups, transferred to other operators, saved as transcripts, and even sent to a CRM system.


Powerful Reporting

Track ROI, operator performance, and more with our Google Analytics integration and built in stats by Mixpanel.

CRM & Helpdesk Integration

Never miss a lead, never drop the ball. Now all your important customer interactions are in one place. Full-text chat transcripts can automatically be sent to Highrise, Assistly, Salesforce, or Zendesk!


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