Google Shopping Fully managed Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads for your store. You set the budget, we do the rest.

Starting at 10% of advertising budget and up.
No setup fees.

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Q. Will ads immediately start showing up after you approve the app for my store?

A - After we approve your app - we create accounts for you in Google and submit your product feed. Google takes 2-4 additional business days to approve your accounts and the products in it. Your ads will start showing up once Google's approval process is completed.

Q. Will all of my products be advertised using Google Shopping?

A - Yes, as long as your products belong to categories approved by Google. Click here to view Google Shopping restricted product policies.

Q. What happens if the app budget is spent all at once ?

A - Based on the monthly budget you select, we divide it up into appropriate daily budget amounts. So, we will not reach a situation where all the budget is used up at once. We typically try to spend more aggressively during the first few days of your billing cycle in order to gather enough data to optimize your campaign.

Q. What happens if my entire monthly budget is not spent within a billing cycle?

A - We rollover any unused budget amount to the following billing cycle.

Q. I am not able to see my ads throughout the day. Why?

A - We divide your monthly budget into daily budget amounts. If you have a small budget, it's possible that the daily budget we set gets exhausted during the day, and your ads don't show up all through the day.

Q. I got following email from Google: “We're writing to let you know that you have just lost your website URL claim in your Google Merchant Center account (Account ID: XXXXXXXX). Another Google Merchant Center account (email: mccaccountpalaran AT has verified and claimed the exact URL or a parent URL of the following website: ”. Can you please help me understand?

A - Commerce Central has to claim the store URL in order to submit items on its behalf. This email goes to every customer who signs up for the app who already has a Google Merchant Account. mccaccountpalaran AT is the Google account YCC uses to manage stores using our services.

Q. Can I pause my Google Shopping campaigns for short period of time?

A - For short period of time, you can just turn off all product categories on the bidding section. When this is done we wont be uploading any of your products to Google. This way your budget will not be used. However, we will continue to charge our monthly fees.

Q. Is Google Shopping available outside of the US?

A - Yes. Click here to view list of countries and country specific requirements.

Q. How can I increase impressions or bids for more exposure?

A - For more exposure, you can increase your budget. Our algorithms will automatically adjust bids and daily budget limits.

Q. What are some of the success factors for this app?

A - The success of this app generally hinges on 3 factors: marketing appeal, number of items, and budget. Typically, stores with larger inventories perform better unless the store is offering a limited number of high-demand products. It’s also important to set a budget high enough to ensure visibility of items. A high item-count store can easily underspend and hamstring their efforts. That said, if a store with many products and a good budget has images and descriptions that are not appealing, they generally see low CTRs (click-through rates). So the best possible combination is a sizeable number of items, an appropriately high budget, and appealing item images and descriptions.