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  • Sell more and stay organized – manage all your orders from a single inbox

  • Never oversell – sync inventory across all channels

  • Don’t let shipping hold you back – compare shipping rates and print labels instantly


Simplify and scale your e-commerce company

Unify Enterprise allows you to run your online retail company from a single location without compromising the agility required to compete in the ever-changing e-commerce world. Manage multiple sales channels from Unify Enterprise, including multiple Yahoo stores, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Order Management— Simplify and sell more Manage order statuses across all sales channels from a single location— automatically download orders, create phone orders, track order statuses, schedule automatic posting into QuickBooks or NetSuite, easily process returns, and even add notes.

Accounting— No more busy work Automatically post all of your sales directly into your QuickBooks or NetSuite and know it is timely, accurate, organized, and tax compliant. Create sales receipts or invoices, record expenses and fees, and fully reconcile.

Inventory— Never oversell Keep track of what products you have listed on what sales channel, what’s selling for what price, and when you need to order more. Instantly sync and update price and quantity between all your sales channels and QuickBooks or NetSuite.

Shipping— Consider it done Automatically connect orders from Yahoo Store to shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS) for rate comparison. Just click to print shipping labels and pick lists, validate addresses, track shipments, and notify customers.

Analytics— Say hi to your KPIs See all channels, expenses, inventory and financial analytics to optimize operations and increase revenue.

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Note: Unify Enterprise is formerly known as eCC Desktop