Conversion Analytics Pro Learn how to convert more of your visitors into customers.

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  • Understand conversion trends in your visitor traffic

  • View revenue opportunities across key visitor segments

  • See conversion, AOV, and revenue performance over time

App Features:


Conversion Funnel

From website visitor to converting customer, understand the site metrics that lead to your conversion rate in a conversion funnel view.

Sales-Cycle Performance

Watch how your sales-cycle performance changes overtime. Gain access to drill-down metrics behind your net revenue per visit performance, AOV thresholds, search term distribution, and conversion path segmentation.


Customer Profile Analysis

Identify key characteristics among top converting customer profiles. See revenue opportunities associated with unconverted visitors within these key visitor profiles. Know exactly who your top converting customers are by number of orders and by revenue.

Supporting Charts & Graphs

Easily view trends across your conversion rate, average order value, net revenue, and visit count key performance indicators.